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Paul Gaddes

for Armidale Regional Council

Time for Armidale to Thrive


Paul Gaddes

Armidale Regional Council

Armidale Region Deserves a Better Future


In Short


Stimulate opportunities for business growth, improved services, and lifestyle.

Greatest Frustration:

Squandering potential through a non-unified council.


International business leadership, Innovative, Collaborative.

Political Affiliation:



Rotary Club of Armidale (Member)

TAS Parents & Friends Association (President)



I want to live in a region that is going forward.


I believe that I have what it takes to build our collective vision, attract businesses and to use our communities’ ideas and opportunities to drive forward all that our region has to offer.


Our region, to reach its potential, needs new innovations and fresh ideas for the growth of infrastructure, business, tourism, agriculture, education, healthcare, and sports. Ultimately, providing platforms for our community to make their own lifestyle choices. This should be the focus of local government.


My motivation to run for regional council is based on offering my experience and skills to our community. I do not have any political alliances.


My success in the corporate world has revolved around responsibly managing business. In the real world I have kept organisations in the black, and collaborated with, not dictated to, stakeholders to make decisions based on facts.  I have delivered projects that bring the most benefit to the broadest audience.


Ultimately, a business should always be about looking after its customers and placing them first. Our Council is no different. Our Council should be looking after the constituents and not creating unnecessary barriers to success.


Armidale is now my home, my family’s home, and our chosen community. It is our job as a community to build the best future, and make our region the best home.


I would be grateful for your support to represent you and build our Armidale Region as a sustainable, resilient hub of growth and prosperity. I am excited by the prospect of working with you.

What I Stand For

Unified & Functioning Council

  • A functioning council works as a team, provides excellent leadership, first-rate financial management, and hold themselves accountable for their actions. When acting strategically a unified Council creates positive outcomes for the community.
  • A unified council is made up of Councillors who can put aside their egos and personal agendas to make decisions based on facts, data and in the best interest of the region.

Common Regional Vision

  • Armidale Region needs universal themes everyone can evolve behind. Most neighbouring populations have. They have prospered.
  • A common regional vision allows all levels of the community to focus on improved local services, better living standards, and develop into new diversified jobs & lifestyle amenities.

Attract Business Opportunities

  • Growing the regional economy will bring population growth and more opportunities for locals.
  • Investment is needed in essential infrastructure to support existing business and attract significant sustainable operations to locate into the region. Removing unnecessary barriers to success and providing a business-forward Council is paramount.

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